A large variety of beautiful, powerful crystals available for sale at Empowered Mindscape, including larger statement pieces.

Each crystal comes with a card describing its attributes

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Card Books

Intentional Journey Cards Companion Book and Cardset -  Your Innate Wisdom Working For Your Empowerment.   A life of richness is your birthright; reclaim it using the freely available tools of transformation. Simply pick a card to put your mind into a more empowered, resourceful place to face current life situations. 

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Crystal Kits, Books, Prints

Crystal Kits and Guides for: Prosperity, Wellbeing, Serenity, Love, Career Fulfillment,
Calcite Chak

Intentional Journey Crystal Kits and Guides for: 

  • Prosperity, Wellbeing, Serenity, Harmonious Relationships/Love, and Career Fulfillment
  • Calcite Chakra Kits
  • Space Harmonizer Crystal Kits 
  • Relax, Rebalance, Restore Crystal Kits
  • Chakra Poster and Bookmark

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Crystal Jewelry

Handmade semi-precious crystal: earrings; pendants; bracelets; and chakra pendants and bracelets. Comes with a card explaining the values of your particular crystal.

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Crystal Companion Creations

Ample tumbled stones of two complementary colors chosen to be aesthetically pleasing as well as offer a supportive presence with healing qualities. Gift packaged to provide a welcoming message that interprets the quiet yet penetrating voice of these stones and helps you along your inspirational crystal journey.  Arrange with your favorite containers, around candles, flowers, centerpieces, other displays.

Crystal Companion Creations

Crystal Arrangements

Poised as a lovely decoration, your crystal arrangements are custom designed for the color scheme and style of your space. These displays of plentiful semi-precious stones serve as a comforting support; an engaging, disarming presence; a special aid to those in the room during more intense intervals. These unique arrangements of lovely, colorful, alluring natural and tumbled stones, including at least one significant centerpiece crystal, rest atop a large platter to make a powerful, artistic presentation.

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Additional Literature

Calcite Chakra Image Literature

A complementary PDF with a detailed description of the image meanings 

(Rainbow, Crystals, Calcite, Quartz, Chakras)

Chakra Image Literature

Chakra Image Literature